Kidlet names…

I know I’m not the only author who has nicknamed her kids.   One of the reasons I did it…well, the main reason I did was because I talk about them a lot, but I prefer to protect their privacy.  And Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3… LOL… you get the point.

My kids  …bratlet.  That’s the oldest.  Why is she the bratlet?  Because I’m the brat.  Yes, she takes after me.  My son is the monster…every once in a while he’s romeo, but I might have to reconsider his name.  I dunno.  But for now, he’s just monster.  He’s a boy.  He’s moving closer to that older boy age where things like shaving and growth spurts and all that crazy stuff will happen…monster is probably appropriate.  Baby bratlet?  The youngest.  I should have named her BRATLET SQUARED.  But that’s a long name.

So that’s the names for my kids.

I see some other authors out there talking about their kids and one in particular is Lauren Dane…because her ‘mini me’ stories sometimes remind me of baby bratlet stories.

I asked Lauren how mini-me got her her name…

My husband has strong genes like whoa, so my kids favor him. They’ve got his big brown eyes, his darker hair. It’s sort of a joke around here. But aside from the brown eyes, my daughter does look a whole heck of a lot like me and even without that, she’s got my personality and um, sense of personal direction. So much so that people always comment that she’s a miniature version of me. Hence, Mini Me.

Sense of personal direction. That’s such a nice way of putting things… hee hee

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  1. They should be called cute, cuter & cutest but
    I couldn’t pick who should be called what lol. Good to see you all.

  2. We all at one time or another give our kids nicknames but I won’t give them out!!! Let’s say it’s enough that we love them madly!

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