Hit or miss

I’ll be hit or miss this week. I’ll on the final run of THE REUNITED, the next book in the FBI psychic series, plus I’m putting together my next proposal for Berkley.

Translation…my brain is mush. I’m also slightly miserable from dental surgery and I’d rather hide in my room, blankets over my head, for eternity, or at least until the pain passes. Not an option, but oh well.

I did do a few productive things over the past few days…wrote on THE REUNITED, and I added an excerpt from STOLEN, which is the next RS due out from Ballantine.

You can read it here.

4 Replies to “Hit or miss”

  1. Take care! I am afraid of the dentist and still I go every 4 months. But surgery? Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Dental issues are the death, seriously, the death. They should be banned

    can we start a petition on change.org?

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