Blog/site issues…

Okay, just so ya know.  Had my blog/website moved to a new hosting service over the past day or so.  If you’re seeing flubs with things missing and then reappearing, it’s from that.

A few things, I’m afraid–mostly a few comments that were made–have been lost, I think.  There were only five or six, but I don’t have any way to retrieve them, I don’t think.  They were made during the transfer process and insanity ensued. I’m sorry!

The good news…I was able to reactivate my old spam blocker, which was much more effective than the one I’ve been using.  That means, hopefully, the issue with some comments being caught & held in the mod queue won’t happen quite as often-the exception is comments that contain two or more links.  Those are always caught in the mod queue and Nicole or I clear them once we make sure they aren’t spam.

Keep in mind that sometimes there are just hangups.  I don’t know why-I do know sometimes it’s slower to load and it will take a while for a comment to show.  I’m not tech-savvy enough to know the reason behind it.

I think with the change back to Akismet for spam, it will smooth things out a lot though.

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