I’m reading this…

by Jennifer Estep

and this…

by Patricia Briggs

What are you reading?

12 Replies to “#Reading…”

  1. I am reading Kat Among Pigeons by Lazette Gifford. I got it from Smashword for 1.99. So far it is interesting.

  2. Loved “River Marked” and am jealous that you already have “Tangled Threads”.

    Currently reading Jaci Burton’s “Perfect Play” and Lora Leigh’s “Live Wire” — the cover is distracting me on “Play” and the fact that Jordan’s age is totally screwed up has totally thrown me out of “Wire.”

    Sigh…why oh why can’t “Hunter’s Fall” be out right now so I could tell you I was reading that.

  3. I just finished River Marked yesterday as well as Pale Demon by Kiim Harrison. Just started Discord’s Apple (massmarket) by Carrie Vaughn today.

  4. Currently reading Kinsey Holley’s “Yours, Mine and Howls”. Newer author, I’m really enjoying it.

  5. I am currently reading River Marked! Love it! I know, only one book right now! Outrageous!

  6. I just finished River Marked and am getting ready to start in on Venom by Estep; still reading Shadowfever by Moning, Blood Challenge by Wilks, American Vampire by Snyder, and Pale Demon by Harrison

  7. I just read Crimson Wind by Diana Pharaoh Francis – it’s the second in her Horngate Witches series. Wow is all I can say. It’s dark UF and I found it very similar in tone/feel to Jennifer Estep’s books (which I also adore) although plot-wise they are very different. I’m so jealous that you’ve already got your hands on Tangled Threads.

  8. I’m reading Amazonia by James Rollins. It’s one of his older books and only the second of his single titles I’ve read. I devoured his Sigma Force series. ^_^

    I’m reading it fairly slowly as I catch up on the book reviews I’m writing for my blog.

  9. I am so jealous over Tangled Threads. I LOVE that series, and can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of that book.

    Just finished River Marked though. Enjoyed it, as I always enjoy the Mercy stories.

  10. i read river marked too and thought it was really good. The whole series is fantastic. Also finished the Demonica series by larissa ione. thats another good one = )

  11. Just finished Surrender to ME by Shayla Black and Live Wire by Lora Leigh. Currently reading Raising Kane by Lorelei James. Getting ready to start The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton.

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