Saturday snippets… a treat for my blog readers

You all are always hanging around, even when you don’t comment.  So here’s a treat…it’s not from a WIP, but since I’m editing it, hey, it counts, right?

Something peeked out from under the bed and he leaned forward, grabbed it. The second he touched it, his skin buzzed. Her scent grew stronger. She’d touched the book.

She had been here. He could all but feel her. Where was she? His skin vibrated and he ached, deep inside his chest. His heart began to beat quicker, pounding, hard and insistent.

With each beat, his mind seemed to scream at him.

Find her.

Find her.

Lifting his head, he searched for Kelsey and found her standing at the door, staring at him with a bemused expression on her face. And she wasn’t alone.

There was a man with her.

A vampire.

The vampire barely glanced at Dominic, rested a hand on Kelsey’s shoulder. “I need to speak with you.”

The voice was familiar. So was the face.

The dream—that fucking dream.

With startling clarity, he could remember the dream. His witch, standing at the edge of a skyscraper, staring down like she longed for nothing more than to step off the edge into oblivion. And the vampire.

This vampire.

He didn’t realize he was growling.

He didn’t realize he had lunged for the vampire.

Not until a pale hand closed around his throat and he was suspended in the air. Dominic didn’t give a flying fuck—he couldn’t choke to death.

“You fucking moron, do you have a death wish?” the vampire snarled.

Lashing out with a foot, Dominic demanded, “Where in the fuck is she?”

“Who are you talking about?” Dark blue eyes stared at him. They glowed with banked power. Dominic could feel that power, battering at him, slamming into him and threatening to send him back to his knees. Except he was still dangling several feet in the air.

Half-crazed, Dominic felt the bloodlust rise in him and he tore at the other vampire’s hand, instinctively trying to break that grasp. Pain shot through him as the vamp’s hand tightened, crushing his throat.

“Where in the fuck is she?” he demanded again.

Or at least that was what he tried to say. It came out “Waaaa . . .” His throat was crushed and he could taste his own blood.


The vampire hadn’t spoken.

His blue eyes bored into Dominic, glowing. Yield.

But Dominic could still smell her. Could still feel her presence, though it was fading.

The fingers on his throat tightened. But instead of scrabbling at the hand that held him effortlessly in the air, Dominic took his fist and used it to smash at the vampire’s elbow. Distantly, he heard bone crack.

He hit the floor, but he had only about two seconds to enjoy it before he was sent flying across the room. He crashed into the wall, oblivious to anything and everything.

No… they don’t have an easy time of it.  This is why Nessa drove me fricking NUTS while I was writing her book…

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  1. Why oh why do I keep reading blogs!? Another book that I want to read. I just need to lock myself in a room for a year and get caught up!

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