Finishing the book despite the book

Ever read a book that was annoying the snot out of you but you couldn’t put it down?  Generally if I’m not enjoying a book, I don’t bother finishing it.

(FYI, don’t ask what book/what author/etc, cuz I’m not telling…I didn’t put it on Goodreads or anything else, either.  This just my rule, because it makes my life easier and I’m all for easy).

I just don’t like to mess with a book if I’m not enjoying it.  Now I don’t have to love it.  I just have to enjoy it.  But I started reading a book on Christmas and the first…I dunno…third?  Was pretty good.  Even though I saw some serious flaws with the worldbuilding.  Even though I was thinking….oooooh-kay with the how-zits and what-fors of the creatures in this world.  I was enjoying it.

But about about the first third, those flaws and howzits became a little too, well, much.  They were annoying me.  I kept thinking ‘damn it, this is just crap.  No way.  NOT making sense. There was a mock-fight scene with the heroine learning how to train against the baddies of this world and she starts kicking butt and I was hard-pressed not to laugh.  I should have just thrown the book against the wall-nice thing about paper versus E.  You can still throw the book.  I didn’t, though.  I kept reading.


Because as annoying as the book was, and as flawed as this author’s world-building was…I wanted to see how it ended.  I guess that’s saying something for the author’s storytelling.  Even as much as her world annoyed me, I wanted to see how it ended.

Ever read a book like that?  I can’t say I want to do it again, because I’m still annoyed with myself for finishing it.  And…um…I even gave it to my nephew to see if he’d enjoy it…lol.  Sharing the insanity, so to speak.

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  1. This is where I tend to read the end of the book and then maybe, maybe not go and read the rest.

  2. There was one book that I had to review, and I HATED it. It was so HARD to get through. I did it and wrote the review…and then I blocked it out of my mind. I knew I would never pick it up again.

    Another book I had to read for school was When(or Where) Legends Die. I hated it, but I had to read it. I don’t recall the author’s name.

  3. @ Ann… that’s why I could never review. This book, I can’t say i hated it-at least I wanted to know how it ended, but books I hate, at least I can throw down and never pick up. O.o

  4. My problem is no matter how bad the book is I keep making myself read it because I’m afraid that if I don’t it’ll bug me that I don’t know the ending. Then of course I get to the end and am even more ticked at myself for not moving on. thankfully that doesn’t happen very often.

  5. I can’t finish a book that makes no sense though I keep it for another try later on just in case my frame of mind was off that particular day; I’ll give it a second chance but that’s it, after that it goes in the give pile.

  6. It’s very rare but I have stopped reading a book a couple times. I use to make myself read it no matter what until this one book it was part 3, i think and it was nothing like the first two books. There were land people, the humans and fish people that lived in the sea, but I believed they looked human and could be out of water, but for how long I’m not sure. It was so long ago I’m not sure anymore, that was the first book I had to stop reading!!

    So was reading the ending worth it?Hopefully your nephew will hate it too and validate how you feel about the book. lol

  7. I don’t do it that often but I have a couple times and I am not sure if it was the books or if it was just me on a burn out. I plan on trying them again.

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