Saturday Snippets…from The Departed

(follow up to The Missing)

Dez paused at the door and looked back at him. She lifted a brow at him. “You won’t allow it,” she murmured, cocking her head. Then she sighed and opened the door. “You don’t get it, Taylor. You don’t have a choice here.”

Their eyes met, held, steely blue on darkest brown. She was the one to look away first.


As she closed the door behind her, he could have sworn he heard something crack.

But it wasn’t his heart—he wasn’t so fucking stupid that he’d allow himself to fall for a woman he couldn’t have.
And even if he was that stupid, surely he wouldn’t compound it by chasing her away.

Except Taylor knew that was exactly what he’d done.

(Sorry, guys…no release details or anything on this yet)

4 Replies to “Saturday Snippets…from The Departed”

  1. I’m just happy there’s a followup to one of my fave books of all time.

  2. I am very happy there is a follow up as well, but I so hate to wait. Now I have to wait for Beg Me and The Departed. Well, good things come to those who wait.

    Thanks for sharing the snippet, though 🙂
    Leela Lou

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