Authors I’m thankful for

So I saw this on twitter, when posted it…they asked for one.   I won’t be that mean.  I’m listing three.

Authors I’m thankful for:

  1. Laura Ingalls Wilder-without her, I dunno if I’d be writing, because she got me hooked on reading.  And without loving reading, would I really have discovered that I loved to write?
  2. Nora Roberts-discovered the love of romance, and not just romance, but the sheer magic…the imagery-she can inside the guy’s head, not just the heroine’s side, but his side.  And that’s magic.  Not all authors can do it.  I grew up around guys-three brothers, their million friends… egads.  I’m telling you, I love romance, but some of the writers, they think they can tell a guy’s POV, but they can’t.
  3. SL Viehl/Lynn Viehl-I don’t even know where to begin with her.  Romance, science fiction, paranormal…not to mention the sheer knowledge this woman has, and is willing to share.  But the worlds she introduced me to with the Stardoc books?  Oh, yeah.  Thankful.

What about you?  What authors are you thankful for?

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  1. So many– including you– I think though to look back on what books/authors shaped me I’d have to go with:

    1. Ayn Rand– because her books made me think about being myself and not giving in to the “crowd”.

    2. J.R. Tolkien: When I think of him creating the world he did in such detail I’m in awe. I can’t imagine where writers of fantasy would be without him.

    3. Terry Goodkind: his Sword of Truth series is epic. There are so many things that touched me in his books– love, passion, belief in ourselves, forgiveness, fighting for what is right. He’s amazing.

  2. You have to ask? LOL

    Shiloh Walker: deeply emotional, sexy hot, always makes me feel sooo much.
    Gritty just like the author – the gritty that means courageous. Such mature writing that I thought she was waaaay older than the youngster she is.

    Beth Kery: another one who writes deeply emotional, sexy hot books. She claims to use the same language as everyone else but uses words in a way that sounds like no one else. I literally have bookmarks in her books to mark fabulous passages that I reread over & over.

    Lauren Dane: fabulous characterization.
    Even her secondary characters matter.
    And more sexy hot writing.

    I see a theme LOL.

  3. I’ve started to answer this several times, and have really struggled to come up with just three authors, forget one.

    James Herriot’s picture books led me to become a vet. Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew solidified my life-long love affair with books. Jennifer Crusie introduced me to romance. Robert Crais renewed my love of mystery. Shiloh, you introduced me both to urban fantasy, and to Lynn Viehl and StarDoc, which has opened still more doors.

    Different authors have done so much to shape my life and who I am; I am definitely thankful for all of the above, and more.

  4. 1. Nora Roberts- The first romance author I read and started my whole journey into the genre. She’s a must read for anything new she puts out.

    2. Laurell K Hamilton- She got me hooked on the paranormal stuff. Now practically everything I read is paranormal romance. She also introduced me to the kinkier stuff, and I must say I like it!

    3. Gertrude Chandler Warner- had to look up this author’s name. She wrote The Boxcar Children, and they are the first real books I remember reading. So thank you for introducing me to my love of reading!

  5. Linda Howard loved her from the time I got hold of one of her Harlequin books.
    Julie Garwood, I found one of her historicals at a second hand bookstore.

  6. I have to agree with Eva. I read many genre’s for my own little escape from realities. The first real author I started reading and anxiously awaiting her next novel was Johanna Lindsey. My first author who took me into the paranormal was Sherrilyn Kenyon and I still thank her for without the Dark Hunters I would not… have found the Highlanders, the Carpathians, the Hunters, the Breeds, the Pack, the Weres, the Vamps, the Shapeshifters, the Masters of Time, the Weather Wardens…oh well you get the idea…lol

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