Open Door… got Qs?

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I’m probably going insane today, since I leave tomorrow for DragonCon.  Driving down, not flying.  So instead of thinking up something clever and witty to blog about… why don’t all do it for me?  🙂  Any questions for me?

Can be book related, writing related…doesn’t matter.  Although, if it’s something that could get long, I reserve the right to answer the question in separate blog post…

By the way, I’m doing another twitter contest… if you’re twitter and you’re not following me, you might want to… if I hit 2500 followers by the time Veil of Shadows releases, I’ll be doing some sort of giveaway for a Nook (the BN ebook reader).  Details here~ And, one more thing…want to read a letter from Syn, the heroine from Veil of Shadows?  She’s talking about Xan, and how much trouble he was for both of us…

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  1. Hope you have fun at Dragon Con! I’ve got a question for you too- why do release dates tend to be populated around the beginning or end of the month?

  2. I have seen and enjoyed your perspectives on various types of IP rants. I have not heard you mention used book stores in the limited time I have been checking out your blog, so how do writers feel about used books stores vs new? Do you see any royalties(?) from those kinds of transactions or is that lost income? Is it somehow different from free file sharing sites (which I am against) b/c of the limited number of people who can buy a single used book? Just curious – not trying to stir anything up – or get people up in arms.

  3. Rory, personally, I have no problem with used bookstores. None.

    A print book can only be passed around a limited amount of times and regardless, it remains only one book.

    A file, by nature of being digital, goes from one file to thousands.

    There were more years than I care to think that the only way I was able to read at all were through libraries or used bookstores. Now that I can buy new, I do, because I wanted to support the authors I enjoy, but in no way do I have a problem with people who can’t buy new, or who want to try out new authors via libraries or used bookstores. In the end, they aren’t hurting an author-they aren’t breaking the law, they aren’t becoming one of the hundreds of thousands who take the easy way and ‘get the freebie’ because ‘everybody else does’ and all that other crap.

    I can’t speak for other authors, but that’s how I view it.

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