General reminder/quick update

A few housecleaning type of things…

FYI-my blog does get imported to a few places, like Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.  Any time a contest is run?  It includes a little line that says…read my disclaimer.

My disclaimer includes things like

  • void where prohibited
  • do not forward to sweepstakes site
  • it’s your responsibility to check back to see if you’ve won and to contact me to claim your prize-FYI, this does mean contact me directly, not via my blog, a yahoo group, twitter, etc.   I’m sorry-this is trying to be a hard ass about things, but I have to juggle a lot of crap and the only way I can keep with things like winners is through email-if you want your prize… email me. If you don’t… you don’t get it.
  • you can only enter my blog contests via my blog-not wherever it gets imported.
  • Entering contests means you’ve read my disclaimer…thus means you’ve the rules…

Posting this just because…


Now… if you want to make sure you don’t miss important things like contest wins…something you might want to think about is subscribing to the blog.  Then it gets emailed to you.  It’s that little box at the top left…a fairy new addition.  Although the blog has always has the RSS feed and people use the various feed readers already know about RSS, this is a simple way for those who aren’t into the RSS thing so much-this gets the blog sent to you.  Might make it easier to know if you’ve prizes.

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  1. Thanks lady i always check ur blog after kids r done with homework.I was wondering what that was for and just subscribed. U keep writing and i’ll keep buying God bless u and ur Shiloh

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