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Wrote this ahead of time knowing, I’d be out of town, although by the time it posts, I’ll be home and buried under heaps of laundry.

Anyway,I’m skipping a for real blog post and doing an open door…

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Got any questions for me?  Publishing stuff, although I’m no where near the whiz some people are.  Series, story, whatever?

Fire away.  Just remember, if it’s a question that might make good blog post fodder, I reserve the right to use it as such.  Otherwise, I’ll pop back in through the day (if I don’t suffocate in laundry) and answer any questions you might have.

But no, I don’t know things like the meaning of life, other than living, why the sky is blue or anything like that…I barely remembered what was for supper…

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  1. Hi Shiloh
    I love when they do “author’s first sale” on
    the Dear Author blog. Can you tell us about your road to publication? If you don’t mind sharing.

  2. :o)

    I actually have a first sale post up there… and I’m being lazy/rushed… *G* just gonna copy it/paste it- it’s from 7/7/07

    My sale to Berkley is pretty cool.

    I was online when I got an IM from my friend, Lora Leigh. She wrote, I need your phone number. Of course, I’ve given it to her…. uh… twenty times by now? But I know Lora so I sent it to her, along with my standard question, Why…what did I do now? She just replied, LMAO. I’m calling. You’re going to die.

    Phone rings, I answer and she says, You need to call Angela Knight.

    I asked, Why? What did I do now?

    Lora said, Nothing. Just call her. Now. You’ll be so happy. Lora’s voice sounds really excited, so naturally, I start getting kind of psyched and I demanded more info.

    Lora (who loves torturing me) I can’t. Just call her.

    So I wait a second and then ask, Is this like a really, really big deal?

    Lora says, Yup.

    I said, The kind of really big deal that’s going to give me a heart attack?

    Lora says, Yup. Now call her. This is the number.

    I tried wheedling for a little more info and Lora finally gives in…Well, maybe there was somebody trying to figure out how to contact you about a book…an important somebody.

    Ooooookkkkaaayyyy….at that point Lora isn’t telling me anything else, so I hang up. Call Angela Knight.

    Hi, Shiloh! Cindy Hwang wants to talk to you but your email is bouncing….

    (This is bad. Authors, don’t ever let your email get so full it bounces. Turns out, I just needed to empty the trash on my .com email account.)

    I was quiet for a second and Angela laughed. Did you hear me?

    I said, Yeah. But… uh…. why? I hadn’t sent anything to New York City. I had vague plans of doing such, but nothing put together, nothing ready, no deadline that I had set for myself that I would write something and turn it in. So while I was really hopeful and terrified and excited, I wasn’t quite sure why I needed to call one of the biggest editors in romance.

    Angela just said, Here’s her number, her email… call her. Trust me. You’ll be so glad you did.

    I think she talked to Lora about how to torment me.

    All this happened on a Sunday night. Naturally I wasn’t waiting until Monday to call, even though I know she’s not in the office on Sundays. Leave a message, and how much do you think I slept that night….nadda. zip. zilch.

    Around 9 or so Monday morning, the phone rings. Caller ID says, New York Call. I don’t know anybody in New York. The first few digits match the number Angela had given me for Cindy, though, so I pretty much know who it is. Which means my voice was probably shaking when I answered, Huh…hello?

    Hi, is this Shiloh Walker? This is CIndy Hwang…I’m with Berkley Publishing…

    Me, sounding stupid, I know you are.

    Cindy: Oh, good. Okay, listen…I’ve read some your books thru Ellora’s Cave and I like them. I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing a novella for me….

    *G* Gee… whaddya think my answer was?

  3. Great I don’t mond th ererun since I only started visiting author blogs in May of 09.

    That was great for Chapter 1. I didn’t get a chance to add:

    Ist book written?
    1st book published?

  4. first book I ever wrote was in 6th grade-30 hand written pages of crap. ;o)

    published-Her Best Friend’s Lover with EC

  5. I’m a huge Lora Leigh fan BTW. Okay when I said first book written, I meant first book you wrote to be published (cause it’s not always the one that gets published first).

  6. Hmmm…honestly don’t remember. Might have been No Longer Mine, but it might have been one of the fantasies I wrote in high school.

  7. So I’m all done with my questions. You just shaved off 5 minutes of time you have to talk to me at Lori’s you lucky girl LOL (if I go).
    Seriously – thanks. very interesting.

  8. When is another Hunter’s story coming out. I love everything that you do, but I miss the Hunter’s series. Are we going to get what happened to Agnes? And thanks for introducing me to Victoria Dahl. I have now consumed everything she has written.

  9. Hi Kim… the next Hunter book is going to Agnes/Nessa’s story, due out sometime next year, probably the first half, but I’m not sure of the date yet. Once I get the info, it will get posted to my site.

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