Not often

So it doesn’t happen very often that I get struck dumb.

But Stacy managed it yesterday.

If you wanna see how, click here.  Completely work safe, I promise.

4 Replies to “Not often”

  1. I loved this one of course. I’m not a writer so it’s wonderful when someone can articulate how I feel about a book or author. Some of these letters have been so wonderful & touching and Stacy added a little hunor too. Like E.H. said, it was well-deserved.

  2. *Sniff* Proud stalker moment.

    Mary, glad you liked the letter. It was a blast to write, and it took like 5 minutes. Shiloh’s an easy target, er, she offers up a lot of inspiration *g*

  3. I love Stacy’s blog, and she’s right. There’s just something about the way you write that brings out such strong emotions.

    I can’t wait to see what she thinks of Broken…still my favorite read this year (and it’s almost June).

    You deserve the praise!!!!!!

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