:( Wildlife Waystation

Grabbed this from Karen’s blog…if you can help, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Many of you have been following the progress of the California fires. We have friends or relatives in the area and are naturally concerned about their wellbeing.

I confess that my focus on many natural disasters is quite narrow. The people I know are pretty much it.

One of these people, T.T.Thomas, was very close to the fires over the weekend (scroll down to see how close). Now she and her loved ones and her property seem to be quite safe (and here is hoping they remain so) but she reminded me that there are plenty other areas in direct danger of the fires.

One of the areas in danger is the Wildfire WayStation.

This refuge is in dire danger now–but not only due to the fires. Like many charity organizations, they are perennially in the brink of financial disaster. Worse, they cannot earn money through tours or guided visits because it doesn’t meet certain county regulations.

I know that many of us are already stretched thin during this awful economy, and clearly charity begins at home, but if you can spare a little money, think about throwing it their way.

Thank you.