The highlight of RAW

Okay so RAW is over. I had a lot of fun. Spent some time chatting with my editor from Berkley, Maya Banks, J.C. Wilder, Mary Wine, Anya Bast, Tracey Wolff, Lorie O’Clare, Sylvia Day, Shayla Black, Roni Chadwick…even managed to hunt down Lora Leigh for a while.

There were parties both nights, a pajama party on Friday, and a masquerade ball on Sunday. The highlight, though, for me was Saturday night at the masquerade ball. Why? No, sadly, I did not win any of the gift baskets, even though I tried.

The highlight had to do with this book, Sage, the 2nd book in the Firewalkers series.


A friend of mine showed up dressed as the heroine, Anni, from the story.  I’d named a character after her, and then she dresses up as the character.  Which was just too cool.  I ended up posing for a picture even.

RAW 2009

That’s me on the right with the mask…Anni in the book had black hair, attitude and wore black gloves to hide her hands… she had a bit of a weird mutation.

My friend Anni bought a wig, had this wicked cool vest that I really wanted, and although you can’t see them, Anni was wearing black gloves.  I thought it was just too cool.  🙂