Do you finish?

Was at the Borders blog the other day, procrastinating, blog-hopping, take your pick, and the subject of finishing books came up.

I don’t finish a book I’m not enjoying.  With a few rare exceptions, it’s just not something I mess with.  I’m impatient and if the book isn’t working, I’m not likely to stick with it.  I’m also greedy with my time.  If a book isn’t appealing to me, it’s a waste of time, for me, to finish.  So I don’t.  Those rare exceptions are for when I’d previously enjoyed books by the author, particularly series books, and then I’ll skim to see what happens-or just jump straight to the end.  But I have to be really invested in something-either the series, secondary characters, something, for that to happen.  99 times out of 100?  I’ll just toss the book.

I know some people hate not finishing a book, even if they hate the book.

Which camp are you in?  Why?  Curious writer mind wants to know.