Spamming my blog…I'm making a new rule

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To the authors or anybody else who wants to sneak in and kind of use my blog for promo purposes…heads up…it’s rude.  Don’t do it.  If the spam filter eats it, that’s fine.

If the spam filter DOESN’T eat it…well, I reserve the right to edit/modify/whatever I want. You may or may not approve of the results.

If you’re a regular poster or visitor on my blog and you’re interested in guestblogging, email me.  That’s fine.  Maybe we can work out a day for you to guestblog.  But don’t spam my blog.  It’s very annoying.  And if you are on the ones who’ve spammed my blog… (ie,  promoting your own work under the guise of  leaving a comment), it’s probably a waste of time to email me about guestblogging.