Found this over at PBW’s…the History Scrambler generator takes famous historical figures and gives them a new job.

Ya know…some of these have potential:

Edgar Allen Poe – Heavy Metal Musician
Alexander Bell – Guardian Angel
Hypatia – Alien Invader
George Orwell – Skatepunk
Sappho – Fallen Angel
Carl Jung – Heavy Metal Musician
Susan B. Anthony – Alien Fighter
Emmanuel Kant – Cyborg
Catherine the Great – Amazon Princess
Jessie James – Pin-up Prettyboy
Archemedes – Mutant
Queen Victoria – Robot Pilot
Beatrix Potter – Gunslinger
Alan Turing – Fighter Pilot
Charles Babbage – Martial Artist
Elizabeth Blackwell – Goth Girl
Ben Franklin – Lord of the Jungle
Anne Hutchinson – Supermodel
Gertrude Stein – Emo Kid
Ptolemy – Fighter Pilot
Emily Dickenson – Vampire
Nikolai Tesla – Supermodel
Louisa May Alcott – Gunslinger
Emily Bronte – Exorcist
Haile Selassie – Psychic

Seriously…some ideas there, don’t you think?