Belated Winners, Contests, & Links

Belated, very belated.

Winner of the summer ebook giveaway (I say summer because I didn’t close it out in July as I should have…)

Winner is Sandy/strldy.

Sandy, you have my email…just drop me a line!

Had my first radio interview on Friday. I didn’t completely freeze. I say “Um…” too much though. My debate teacher in high school would be so disappointed.

If anybody wants to hear me go UM…and maybe talk about my books a little, you can click here and listen to it.

And I’m involved in a couple of contests this month…

Click for details
Click for details
Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Speaking of ravens, I’m going to be at the Raven tonight. Well, on their radio show, at least…

from 11:10 to 11:30 EST.  The deets I swiped from their site…

Listener dial-in number during LIVE shows
(646) 595-3998 (New York number, long distance charges apply)

There is also a LIVE chat during the shows. Follow the link below and look for CHAT LIVE buttons! You can type your questions or comments in there during the chat and we’ll ask/answer them on air!