Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance

Okay, now I’m gonna say right up front, this book really put my short story skills to the test. When I was asked to write a short vamp story, short as in 6000-8000 words, I was thinking…uh, man…can I do that?

Novellas, I can do. The occasional quickie 12-15k, I can do. But 6000-8000? Not so easy. I managed, though. How well I managed…eh, I’ll leave that up to the readers.

Hunter’s Choice, my story in this collection, as some of you probably guessed is set in the Hunters world.

A short excerpt is below, and I believe the anthology releases in the States in late July or August. FYI, some of you might notice different covers…the book was originally released by a UK publisher so the UK and the US versions have different covers.


“What are you doing here, Wyatt?” she asked again, her voice hoarse. She asked—even though a part of her already knew the answer. “How did you know I was here?”

Last year, just days after Joey had been buried, Sara had met a sexy stranger with eyes the color of amber, silken black hair and a wicked smile. She wasn’t the type to pick up men in bars, wasn’t the type to go back to a hotel with a guy she’d known only hours. But she’d done so with Wyatt…and she remembered it all in vivid detail.

She’d spent one week with him, one week in which they rarely left his hotel room. On the seventh day, she’d slipped out of the room while he’d been in the shower and she hadn’t seen him since.

She’d thought about him way too often for her peace of mind and what few dreams she had that weren’t nightmares had been centered around him–hot, sweaty dreams that left her aching and needy and lonely when she woke in her solitary bed. Left her wishing she could be different, somehow, that she could move past the mission she’d set for herself.

She thought of him–wondered if he ever thought of her, and figured the uber-sexy man had long since forgotten her.

But now he stood in before her, watching her with that grim look on his face. “I’m here because of you, Sara.”

“Why?” She inched backward, deciding she’d forget about her bag. The gun. The crossbow. She could get new weapons.

His lids drooped and when he looked at her again, terror wrapped an icy fist around her heart. His amber eyes glowed.

When he opened his mouth to speak, she barely heard him say, “I think you know why.”

She was too busy staring at his fangs.


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