Oh, wow. Found this @ Mrs. Giggles and talk about making my day. The below is from her updates page and will disappear shortly, so I had to save it. *G*

Beautiful Girl by Shiloh Walker Beautiful Girl
By Shiloh Walker (contemporary) Okay, hands up if you have ever imagined that Shiloh Walker, author of urban fantasy stories, has some inner Catherine Anderson that she would channel one of these days. No? Stand back, people, because this is the big one.

Rating: 86

I generally don’t pay attention to reviews. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like seeing positive ones, or that I freak out when I see a negative one. I used to, believe me. But over the past couple of years, I’ve realized something about reviews…they are one person’s opinion.

One person’s opinion, positive or negative, isn’t going to affect the sales of a book in a negative way. And actually…bad reviews can bump sales up. So I stopped letting myself worry about reviews unless they are something I can use as a promo thing, like the ARC contest for Beautiful Girl.

So I try not to worry overmuch about a book’s review. However, there are a few places where I do tend to look if I see my book mentioned. Like Mrs. Giggles or Karen.

Reviews from these ladies tend to make me smile when I read them. Sometimes even outright laugh over the negative reviews. And before people go thinking I’m being mean, laughing because somebody got ripped to shreds in a review… I’m talking reviews of MY books. If I can have a sense of humor when one of my books get shredded, then it’s not really being mean. (And I’m not getting into the whole mean-girl reviewer mess~if voicing an honest opinion makes somebody mean, then I’m not just mean, I’m downright malicious.)

Still, even though I can laugh at some well-made points when I read negative reviews, I also grin with glee when I manage to please somebody who’s not always that easy to please.

Now I want a sparkly ’86’ button to go with my sparkly “Karen loved my book” button.