Can I blame it on the kitty?

Anybody here read the Dear Author blog?

I admit, I’m addicted. And lately? It’s worse. Why, you ask?


Because of the kitty. Jane of Dear Author has been doing a series of posts where she’s making some of the legal-eze terms thrown about a little more understandable. And all of them are headed with cute little kitties, like the one above.

The pics are coming from a blog called Sigh. I bet I spent 45 minutes today going through that blog. And I’m addicted to reading these legal-eze posts, too. A couple of them have gotten off on a tangent…and I keep reading. Keep watching. And when an opinion hits, I drop in a comment or ten.

But I don’t know what’s more addictive, the commentary…or the cute kitties. I mean, how can you look at a pic like that one and not go… awwwwww…. and I’m not even a cat person.

So if I fall behind, I’m blaming it on the cat.