I get bored easy.

That’s why I tend to work on three or four things at once.  That’s just me.  At any given time, I can usually be found in the middle of a paranormal, a contemporary, a steaming hot erotic romance…  usually all of them open documents on my lap top.

When I first got into writing erotic romance, I knew that I didn’t want to write just that.  I don’t read just that.  I can’t imagine writing just that.  Sorry, much as I enjoy the steamy stuff, that would be so very boring.  For me…doesn’t mean that other writers can’t do it happily and very well.  But not me.  I get bored too easily.  So I jumped around a lot.

Right now, my jumps are all squarely in the romance genre and that’s probably going to stay that way for a while.  Eventually, I do want to spread out more though.  I want to write a few fantasies that I’ve been toying with forever, and I have an idea or two for horror books.  Yep, horror.  Don’t know if they’d be any good.  But I’m going to try.  Sooner or later.

I never wanted to be known as just an erotic romance writer.  Or just a paranormal writer.  Or a contemporary… the list goes on and on.  Most people who’ve seen my backlist know that I’ve done everything from paranormal to contemp to light bondage to some romances that verge on the sweeter side to threesomes, to fantasies… etc etc etc.

I know some readers get really hooked on a certain genre or a series, and then they feel disappointed when one of their author ventures out of that area.  I hate to think I might disappoint some readers, but I’m also hoping most people will try to understand. 

I can’t control the ideas that come into my head… the only thing I can do is write them.  Yeah, I can bargain some, negotiate a little, but in the end, if that heroine doesn’t want to live in a paranormal world with a bloodsucker that claims she is his lifemate, then I can’t force her into that role.  The heroine with that mindset belongs in some sort of contemporary world.  Forcing her some place where she doesn’t fit is like tossing red undies in with your bright whites.  You end up with a mess that’s probably not salvageable.

Writers are people.  People change every day.  When a person changes, their thinking process changes.  What appealed to them yesterday may not appeal to them today.  People grow.  All there is to it.  None of us are the same people we were ten years ago, and in another ten, we’ll be even more different.  Could be subtle, could be major, but there will be differences.  If a person changes, then naturally the person that writes is also going to change~it will show in their stories.

And what brought this on?  LOL.  A comment from a bookseller last night that some readers were surprised with the change in my writing scattered between my publishers.  😉  My writing has always been all over the board, I just have more options on where to send things now.  I’m big on variety.