Authors Behaving Badly.

You know there’s a problem with there’s actually an acronym for it. I never would have imagined there would such an issue with some authors making an ass of themselves, especially not considering how hard I’ve worked to get where I am and I assume others have as well.

Yet we still have it.  Sadly, it reflects badly not just on the ABB but it tends to cast a dark shadow on others.  Personally, I’m not too concerned about that, because the typical reader seems to realize that one author acting like an ass doesn’t mean others are going to.

But man, some authors are just determined to make fools of themselves.

Some words for the wise… or maybe I should say the unwise. Because the wise don’t make these stupid screw ups.

  1. Do NOT ever ever ever put anything in an email, on a forum, anywhere that you wouldn’t want your readers, a boss, your parents to read.  Nothing is ever 100% private on the web, confidentiality doesn’t exist in email.  Sorry.  It’s just a fact.
  2. If you’re getting ready to go off a rant, you need to take a long, deep breath and think, Would I say this crap to my boss or customers at the day job? If this answer is no, then don’t say it online.  If you’re still inclined, take another deep breath…and don’t let it out until you pass out.  If that sounds harsh, I’m sorry, but it will save you a lot of embarassment, and it could prevent you from putting an ugly stain on your career.  FYI, this is some very tongue in cheek humor and I don’t really want anybody passing out because I said so, but regardless…it’s good advice.
  3. Whatever your rant is, read it through.  PLEASE.  If the entire fricking thing is in all caps, if you’re missing words, mispelling words and basically sounding like a sputtering teen who was just told they couldn’t have that keg party, start over.  Or better yet…refer to advice comment #2.
  4. Remember you are in a profession.  Whether you write full time or just part time, remember it’s a profession.  If you ever want to get to the point to where you write full time, it would be best if you act like a profession-al.  Hey, did you all notice?  Profession-al starts with profession!  Hmmmm…

Now for those who don’t know what I’m going on about, just ignore me.  

UPDATE… *G*  Thanks to Charlene, there will be a follow up post to this on TuesdayWednesday~the writer classification system.