This and That

The signing in Indianapolis on Saturday went well. Got to speak with some nice ladies, and then one not so nice lady…Scifi Chick was there and she kept taking pictures…evil woman.  Taking pictures and she didn’t even have the courtesy to wear a nametag that read Scifi Chick.    ;o)    ~FYI, for those who don’t know me, this is my weird sense of humor…Angela aka Scifi Chick was actually very nice.  I still think she’s mean for taking the pictures.  Geez.

 Have another one coming up this Saturday in Radcliff Kentucky.  It’s this Saturday, April 14th and then I’m done until June.

April 14, Saturday, 2-4 PM  

The Bookstore
301 W Lincoln Trail Blvd
Radcliff, KY  40160


On the car ride up to Indy, inspiration struck and I finally found the ‘wxy’ for Through the Veil, my next story for Berkley.  You know the wxy…it’s what connects ‘Z’ to the rest of the story.  I knew the ‘Z’.  It was the WXY that kept giving me fits, figuring how to get to from where I was in the story to Z.  Now I’ve got the W done and working out the X & Y.  I have the basics of them but the details are still filling themselves in.


So needless to say, I’ll be hit and miss here for the next few days until X&Y decide to make themselves clearer.


FYI, if you’ve won a prize from me recently and you’re wondering where your prize is, I’ll get it to you soon.  Meant to mail them out today but this X&Y are eating up my brain!