Thirteen Things I Want to Learn


*FYI… I’m in mourning.  I just read the TT is coming to an end.  Sniffle.*

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1. I’d love to learn to make pottery, on one of those wheel things.

2.  How to speak a foreign language… fluently.  Something more than mi llama es Shiloh which is all that I remember from high school.

3. How to design graphics, but I’m going to resist this as long as I can.  I spend too much time online already.

4. Toggling narrative.  As read about here!

5. Taking better pictures.  I’m okay at it.  I have usually pretty decent shots.  But I want to learn how to get really, really good ones.

6. How to use a sword.  I’ve got a katana in my office and I wanna learn how to use it.  Just for fun.

7. Kickboxing.  I love taekwondo and I want to learn kick boxing.  I’d get to hit more things.  Okay so I’d get hit back but so?

8. How to make really good sugar cookies.  Without a mix.  For some reason whenever I do a recipe, they don’t taste as good as I’d like.  Might be because I don’t always follow the recipe…exactly.

9. How to hook up new hardware to my PC without 15 attempts and making my eyes bleed out of my skull.

10. Decent HTML-eze.  Although I do okay with the programs on I use on my site, a better understanding of HTML-eze would make some things a lot easier.

11. Plotting out a book, chapter by chapter, so i don’t waste so much time in rewrites.

12. How to put those goofy transformers together so my son doesn’t have to keep waiting until daddy gets home.  Those things don’t like me.

12. How to change a tire.  Just figure it would come in handy.  ;o)

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