Famine or Flood

That’s what writing is like for me.

I’m either in the blahs and the ideas don’t want to come (which sucks if you’re writing on a deadline)  or I’m hit with like five ideas at once (which sucks if you’re writing on a deadline).   I usually work on two or three things at once, if I can, because then my brain doesn’t get so tired of dealing with one particular set of characters.

So right now, I’m working Veil, which is a paranormal dark fantasy type of deal that I sold to Berkley.  I’m working on One Night With You which I think is going to go to EC.  I’m working on Share and Share Alike, which I may send to Samhain.  That’s enough…. riiiiggghhhttt?  Nope.

Today I get hit with an idea that’s been lurking in the back of my head, off and on, for a few days.  Lurking, and then it attacked me.  Literally.  While I was driving the rottens to school, sitter and preschool, I had entire scenes playing out in my head.  But it wasn’t going to be a quick and easy one, I actually had to do some research. 

I had email this lawyer chick I know.  Had to get some answers on something.  Then I spent about three hours on Webmd investigating a few things until I found what I needed. Since it wasn’t going so well, I emailed another writer friend.  But about twenty minutes after pestering her, I emailed her back, never mind, finally found something.  I love having friends who understand why I ask all these weird, totally off the wall questions.

Not only is this idea eating up my brain until I can’t think of anything else, it’s also making me pester friends who are also working under deadline and I’m certain that talking about all the weird ideas trying to surface in my head is just the refreshing thing they need.   ;o)

Now I’m not complaining, promise.  I like having an idea pop into my head that alive.   But it’s just so weird the way they come like that.  Which is why one of the hardest questions for me to answer is….Where do you get your ideas….

They attack me.  Usually when my hands are full with something else.