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Hunters: The Beginning

Declan & Tori ~ Book 1

She was just doing her job, tracking down a nutcase who was stalking a young dancer. And then the unspeakable and impossible happened. She was bitten.  A newly turned vampire, Tori is alone and starving and she doesn’t know what to do. But she knows who to turn to—gorgeous, mouthwatering Declan—a police detective who has a few secrets of his own.

Eli & Sarel ~ Book 2

After three long centuries of aching loneliness, Elijah Crawford, Hunter of the Council, has finally found a woman. Maybe she can replace the obsession he has for Torrance Reilly, the wife and lover of his best friend.  Sarel is a lean, red-haired, wild-eyed witch with a soul to match his. She has a thirst for justice, and a yearning for a love to fill the void inside her. Sarel has been searching for Elijah. She is here now, prowling his grounds, waiting to get into his house.

Sarel has come to kill him.



Hunters: Interlude

Books 3 & 4

The Hunters – Byron and Kit Book 3

She was the one woman he swore he’d never have…and the only one he wanted.

The Hunters – Jonathan and Lori Book 4

Though the need for her burns in his very soul, Jonathan, Hunter of the Council, refuses to accept Lori, the enclave’s Healer.

Feeling he does not deserve her, he fears the darkness in his being will destroy them both.

When Jonathan is injured, they are thrown together. She is touching him, tempting him…




The Hunters: Ben & Shadoe

Book 5

For years, Benjamin Cross searched for the missing child from his pack. She had disappeared right before the betrayal that had killed the pack leader. Though many had searched tirelessly, the child remained hidden.

Now, more than twenty years later, he has found her…but she is not what he expected. Ben is drawn to the beautiful young woman by a powerful desire and an even more powerful instinct to protect. He has come to teach her all she needs to know.

Confused and unsure about the images clouding her mind, Shadoe knows she must seek the truth and unravel the mystery. To preserve her own sanity, she must learn to trust a man with a secret of his own.

Ben has the difficult task of playing teacher to Shadoe’s unwilling pupil.

But Shadoe Wallace is so much more…and it will take Benjamin to open her eyes to her destiny.




The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila

Book 6

Sheila is tired of it. Tired of him. She adores the sexy Hunter she works and lives with, loves him madly, but all he will give her is a good time in bed. And what a time that is. But she wants—needs—more. When Rafe makes it clear that sex is all he will offer, she leaves.

Rafe can’t believe that Sheila walked away—he’ll be damned if he just lets her go. Throwing caution to the wind, he sets out to track her down and bring her home. But when he finds her, she’s lying in the arms of another man. Rage and jealousy overwhelm Rafe…and a whole mess of trouble ensues.

An enemy of the Hunters has set up a playground in this land that seems to call to Rafe. He and Sheila, and the motley crew they assemble, must defend and cleanse this land of the evil that dwells there. And Rafe must lead them through horror and sacrifice as he comes into his own—a Master, defending his land, who must bring his woman home. But, to his home, his heart…


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