Drastic Measures

One look — that was all it took. One look, four years ago, and Ethan knew he had to get his hands on pretty Pamela James.

There are a few problems, though. Pam is engaged and she seems scared to death of Ethan.

Her fiancé doesn’t deserve her and can’t make her happy.

Knowing that, Ethan is willing to do whatever is necessary to make her realize it.

He has to make her see just how much he wants her. How good it can be. But Pam has evaded all of Ethan’s attempts to get close to her.

Sometimes, a man has to take drastic measures.

*This book has been classified as Exotica, part of EC’s erotica line.  However, the only thing that sets it apart my normal writing is that there is a “Happy For Now” with the promise of a “Happy Ever After”, rather than the typical “Happy Ever After”.

She’d said yes.

Staring out the window of his condo, Ethan tuned out everything but what Shawn had just said.

Pamela James was finally going to be his.


He glanced back over his shoulder at Shawn. The man looked terrible and Ethan wasn’t that surprised. He’d known that Shawn wouldn’t have the balls to stand up to him and while part of him felt as though he should be appalled at what he was doing, he wasn’t.

She deserved better than Shawn. Outside of business, Shawn was spineless. He didn’t have the guts or the wisdom to know he needed to shake loose of his brother and he didn’t have the balls to stand up to Ethan about the ultimatum he’d issued. Because of Shawn’s cowardice, Ethan was going to get what he’d been dying to have for the past four years.


Soft, sexy Pam with the smile of Mona Lisa and the body of Venus. Her soft, sweet curves and her dark green eyes. Her soft, southern drawl had haunted him ever since he’d met her. Shawn had brought her to a business function shortly after he and Ethan had gone into business together but the first time Ethan had seen her, he hadn’t realized she was with Shawn. All he’d seen was a soft, sexy woman with a sweet smile and he’d wanted her instantly.

She had stood out in the crowd, her pale skin glowing like a pearl against the black velvet of her dress. She’d looked like heaven to him—all soft, warm and round, her big breasts rising in smooth curves above the rounded neckline of her dress and her plump ass and round hips looked as though they had been designed for nothing other to fill a man’s hands. And she would fill them. He knew she hated those generous curves. For the past four years, he’d done his damnedest to learn everything about her, from the size of clothes she wore, to the gym where she worked out, to the place where she’d bought her wedding dress.

Her wedding dress…

Shawn had asked Ethan to stand up with him at the wedding but Ethan had refused. Not that he intended to let the wedding happen but even thinking about her walking down the aisle to marry Shawn made him sick.

He was taking a risk here, he knew. There was a possibility she’d hate him after this but at least she would have a better idea about what kind of man she was planning to marry.

“Damn it, are you going to listen to me or just ignore me?”

Ethan gave Shawn a bland look, jerking himself out of his reverie. “Do you have anything important to say or are you going to stand there and bitch about the mess you’ve gotten yourself into?”

“If it was just my mess, I wouldn’t be bitching so much,” Shawn growled.

Ethan cocked a brow. “It is your mess, my friend. You’re the one who pulled Pam into this when you put up the club as collateral. Next time you get into this situation maybe you should discuss it with your business partner first.” He leaned back in his chair and gave Shawn a shark’s smile. “Of course, if you ever pulled something like this with me, I’d slice your balls off.” Then he shrugged. “Don’t worry so much. I’ll take good care of your fiancée.”

Shawn looked down at something he held in his hand, something so small that Ethan couldn’t even see it. “Yeah,” Shawn muttered. “I bet you will.”


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