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And it’s the final Saturday Snippet with my awesome group of ladies.  I’ll probably continue to randomly post them when I remember.  It’s an easy way to fill a post, but the blog-hopping thing is coming to a close.  Make sure to check out the other ladies participating if you can.


I saw the flicker in his eyes…the flicker of doubt, but I didn’t say anything.  I was good at gauging a person’s strength.  My life had too often depended on it, and it went deeper than that anyway.  It was just part of what I was.

“A lot of independents aren’t that strong.”

“Is your boy?”

My boy. I huffed out a breath and leaned back against the car.  “My boy.  Damon…I told you, months ago, that Justin and I used to have something.  Then we didn’t. That hasn’t changed.  So just shelve the…whatever.”

His stony face didn’t change.  At all.  He jerked a shoulder in a shrug.  “It’s not like it’s any of my business, right?”

“No.”  Why did it seem like the bite marks on my neck, my wrist, were burning?  I resisted, just barely, the urge to reach up and rub the one on my neck.  Damon’s eyes all but burned into mine and I think we both knew we weren’t being entirely truthful.  I couldn’t get involved with another man…not when I was still hung on him.  It just wasn’t in me.  And the bastard knew it.

I’ll be waiting…

I glared at him.  “Just shelve it, okay?”

“Shelving it.”

He didn’t even move and the air, the space between us had shrunk down to nothing.

From Broken Blade…due out in January.

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And my friends, it’s been fun. :)


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  1. Patty's Gravatar Patty
    28 September, 2013    

    Yay!!!! Loved the snippet. Sorry the whole sat blog hop is ending. Please, please, please keep posting. It’s the first thing I check with my morning coffee! Can’t wait for Broken Blade!!

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