Please stet the f*ck

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I’m still stuck on edits this week.  Brain will be dead for a few more days and probably my blog, too.

A funny from my edits… when you want something to be left alone, you mark “STET”

There’s one place where they marked out “fuck”

I made a comment… “Please stet the Fuck”


Interesting blog tour going on this week, and timely, IMO, after the ‘what the hell’ crap on ‘plagriarism’ last week…. I’m not familiar with the blog STACKED, but maybe I should be…they are doing an ‘unconventional blog tour‘ where they talk about things like independence and integrity in blogging… citing your sources… cool stuff.  That hard stuff to talk about that a lot of people need to know, but it’s not always wisely discussed.

If you’re a blogger, check it out.  I think it will be a nice, balanced approach to things.

In baby bratlet news…

She’s going to be an adrenaline junky.

I got dragged onto this… this sucker is up WAY HIGH in the air.




She giggled the whole time. (my pic…I took it)

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