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Up at Spaz’s blog today for the blog hop.  :)

Last week, well, sorta… between 2.3 and 2.10, I wrote a book.  It was 5k when I looked at it on 2.3.  And on Friday, 2.10, when I wrote the last wrote, it was over 75k.  Then I went back on Saturday and Sunday and added another 10k.  It’s now done.

It’s urban fantasy, the first non-romance I’ve done since a short story project.  It has a romance aspect, but it’s nowhere near key to it and there is no HEA.  I’m pretty damn pleased with that, actually.  The book just about ate my brain-I was writing, on average, 10k a day, which can average to about 45-50 pages.

I’m not going to talk much about it, but it’s with my agent.  I’m hopeful.  Wish me luck.  It could possibly be a series, and I have ideas, even enough to do a synopsis on book 2, and the start of book 3.

Wish me luck and say prayers… this is the sorta thing I’ve wanted to do for ages.


  1. StacieD StacieD
    13 February, 2012    

    10,000 words a day?!!! Wow. You should be proud of yourself. Good luck with the UF book.

  2. 13 February, 2012    

    While personally I’m not a fan of UF, I’m happy to wish you all the best luck possible, send you good thoughts and prayers for success with it.

  3. Diane Diane
    13 February, 2012    

    Good luck, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. 14 February, 2012    

    You have a lot of passion when you write. I’m sure what ever project or style you write will be great. Cannot wait to be able to read it!!


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