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Up at Spaz’s blog today for the blog hop.  :)

Last week, well, sorta… between 2.3 and 2.10, I wrote a book.  It was 5k when I looked at it on 2.3.  And on Friday, 2.10, when I wrote the last wrote, it was over 75k.  Then I went back on Saturday and Sunday and added another 10k.  It’s now done.

It’s urban fantasy, the first non-romance I’ve done since a short story project.  It has a romance aspect, but it’s nowhere near key to it and there is no HEA.  I’m pretty damn pleased with that, actually.  The book just about ate my brain-I was writing, on average, 10k a day, which can average to about 45-50 pages.

I’m not going to talk much about it, but it’s with my agent.  I’m hopeful.  Wish me luck.  It could possibly be a series, and I have ideas, even enough to do a synopsis on book 2, and the start of book 3.

Wish me luck and say prayers… this is the sorta thing I’ve wanted to do for ages.

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