Sorry…no pics to post. I had my camera, but just never thought to take it out. O.o

So, on Nationals.

We spent two days at Disney so when we checked into the Dolphin on Tuesday, I was dragging already. But hey, it’s Disney.

Wednesday, what did I do Wednesday…I registered, hung with friends, had lunch, hung with friends, did the massive booksigning and for an entertaining glimpse at that? Here…

Then I think that was the night that I went to the karaoke bar with Sylvia Day because I was promised very bad karaoke that would be done by Kresley Cole. She never did it-she did mention she’d sing Jack and Diane if I went up there, and I told her, you can’t get me drunk enough. But it was still fun and you should have seen Sylvia working this table of guys next to us-they thought we were a school teacher’s convention… O.o

On Thursday, Samhain did a big breakfast for their authors-I just had coffee and a few pieces of bacon, because I was eating with my editor Kate @ Ballantine. That turned out to last to last over two hours…I had this one idea for the books, but then this other idea, and then she said something that made me realize I could do both, and she looked at me after I mentioned it and she was like , Oh, I like that… CREEPY… And naturally, I wanted to lock myself away in my room and write.  But I didn’t.  Then we started talking twitter, and facebook… *G*  She doesn’t do twitter and I was showing her about it.  Like I need to get more people hooked on twitter.

Chatted with my editor Cindy from Berkley and things are going well there-probably going to be a while before I see a cover on Hunter’s Fall, though.  And naturally, I forgot to ask a few things.  Sigh.  Email, thank God for email.

There was a cocktail party hosted by my agency.  My friend Nikki went to that with me.  We chatted with Miriam Kriss, the vice-president, and then we spent a lot of time talking with author Donna Grant and her husband.

I got to meet Michelle Monkou, the RWA prez-somehow, I got invited to a VIP reception… *G* somebody, who shall remain anonymous tells me, “It’s because you’re a bitch who won’t shut up…”  (And yep, that’s actually right).  That was fun, though.  Talked with Michelle, Farrah Rochon and I can’t remember her last name…eek, but Julia was wonderful to chat with.  Also up there, Andrew Schaffer, a writer of RT cover model contestant fame…

Then back to Kimonos, the sushi/karoke bar, where I sat with Erin McCarthy, (I love her) Kathy Love, (love her) and got to listen to Heather Graham and her daughter singing-both of them can sing, but her daughter?  Damn.  Also talked with Heather’s husband a few times-he’s a very cool guy.

I left there, intending to go to bed, ran into Shayla Black, and then we went back to the sushi bar, because Sylvia was there and we had to nab her, because we had antho stuff to discuss.  And talking to do.  And um…Shayla is so my bestest friend (I’m fickle, I know).  She gave me this ARC

It was signed to Shiloh, my friend in Bitch-itude.

We did eventually get around to talking about things we want to do with our project.

On Friday, I talked to more friends, hit signings, grabbed books, had my own signing, ran out of books, went to two cocktail parties, got to meet Linda Howard… YAY!  And hopefully I didn’t make an ass of myself.  Stacia Kane came down for a little while and we hung out in the bar and I totally flustered her because I kept telling everybody how much I love her books (which i do) but me being the brat I am, I laid it on thick because I could tell how much it was flustering her… *G*

I did hit several workshops, not as many as I’d like.  The workshop I did on Digital Publishing-sigh… the last slot of the day on Saturday wasn’t as well attended as I would have hoped, but there were a number of people there who were sincerely interested, it seemed, so hey… that’s good.

It was a good conference.  What I love about these is mostly being able to mingle with friends, but I did get something out of the workshops I attended, so that’s good.  Also had a few ideas I’m going to try and work on-not story wise, but work/biz stuff.  Which I need… O.o