? For the craft-type people…

I’m not a craft-type of person, much the shock of my mom, my grandma, my aunts…etc, etc…  *G*  They sew or quilt or make things, creative type of stuff that I just don’t do.  Guess I burn all my creativity out in writing.

But I need a creative idea.

Ya see…ever since I got in an early copy of FRAGILE, I’ve been wanting to do something kinda unique.  Over at Etsy, (man is that site dangerous), I see a bunch of different ways to ‘recycle’ books, so to speak, but most of them are geared to hardcovers.

I don’t just want to take the cover off of one and frame it…I want something a little more different.

It’s the best cover I’ve ever gotten (man, guys…it has shiny foil and embossing-very nice) and I want something to kinda show it off with, other than just haul around a copy.  🙂

Anybody got any unique ideas?  And…uh, relatively easy…I’m craftively impaired, plus my carpel tunnel really limits things that require a lot of sewing…