Who reads romance….

***UPDATED TO ADD… the survey was temporarily shut down… it’s back up now. If you haven’t taken it, please do!

Naturally, if you’re here, it’s most likely because you do read romance… I doubt my blog appeals to many, if any, outside the romance community.

So I assume you do… but who are you?

If you’ve been reading some of the articles & blogs that have popped up about the plagiarism issue recently, then you might have noticed that… as always… there’s a stigma associated with the romance genre. FYI~I generally don’t worry about the stigmas. They are there, getting mad doesn’t change it.

And besides… we know the stigmas are generally wrong.

You know the ones

  • trashy
  • full of nothing but sex
  • only bored housewives read them
  • smart women don’t read those
  • women only read them because they dream about being the heroine
  • they are some shameful secret to hide

Did I miss any of the important ones?

I know of at least (and this is just in my online acquaintances or my circle of friends) a bunch of secretaries/administrative assistants, two doctors, a ton of nurses, four or five lawyers, stay at home moms, bookstore employees & owners, EMTs, paramedics, nursing assistants, pharmacists, salespeople, teachers, website designers, business professionals, small business owners, accountants, department store employees… and yes, some housewives, but I can’t say they are bored housewives.

Kind of a wide audience, huh?

So tell me more… take the survey!

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