It’s ok to check out

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I have to remind myself of this.

I was watching a 9/11 tribute and the pain was visceral.

When depression is eating away at you, things are …or can be magnified. I wasn’t thinking about this until the mi see hit me sideways. In public.

And I had to remind myself.

I didn’t have to be watching. It’s ok not to.

It’s ok to check out from time to time.

Today is 9.11. It’s raw open wound for many, and not just in the US.

Whether you lost family or friends, that day scarred millions and changed the face of our world.

It left scars seen and unseen and we should never forget the lives lost.

But you decide how to honor. How to remember.

Watching the tributes can be hell at the best of times and if it hurts too much, turn off the t.v. or click away.

Those who struggle with PTSD and/or depression, know your triggers and when you have had too much.

Your pain doesn’t honor lives lost.

Your life does.

Loving your neighbor does.

Kindness does.