Hey, authors…got books?

So, some of you have probably seen my posts about helping out the troops.  I’ve got a contact who works with the Support Our Soldiers group, one of the charities that…well, provides support to the soldiers.

One of the things Kelley does is send books.

When I get my author copies, I send her anywhere from 5-10 copies.  She sends these to various groups.

And they love them.  I’ve got pictures and notes from the men and women who write her back…they don’t often write me, but they do write her and they so appreciate getting the books.

One of my prized possessions is a flag that was sent to me in appreciation for the books I’ve sent.

If you have books that you can spare, her list of authors is getting thin.  She does need print titles.  They don’t always have easy access to get ebooks, but if you have some spare author copies, I’m sure they’d appreciate them.

I can’t really answer any Qs about this, but if you want to talk with Kelley, you can shoot her an email at kelleygranzow@yahoo.com.  She’s done a lot of work with the SOS functions over the years and I know the troops would appreciate the support.

And yes… they enjoy romance. 🙂


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  1. as always thank you Shiloh for helping spread the word in regards to getting support for our troops. You have been such a giving person over the years and it is truly appreciated!

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