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Shiloh Walker

Thank God for…. Bowling Alleys?

As far as production goes, this past week has sucked.  I’m talking major suckage here.  Of black hole proportions.

Between my website issues, scrambling to finish up promo for RT and agreeing to help out on Thursday at my old day job, there’s just been little time to write.  But I told myself that today somehow I would get a little bit of work done.  Wasn’t sure how I’d manage, because the bratlet had a birthday party at a bowling alley for one of her classmates. How much can you do with 20 screaming nine-year-olds?

Apparently, the answer to that is….a lot.  Or at least in my case.  Of course, it couldn’t have been on any of the current projects.  Oh, no.  This had to be a different project.  But I did think my way through a couple of plot kinks…I think.  So instead of dekinking two books and plowing forward on a third, I now have a baby story to nurse along and dekink two books and plow forward with a third.


But hey, maybe I should just go sit in a bowling alley a few times a week.  Apparently, it works wonder.

Big Day… Birthdays, Word Counts, Whips

March 1.

Nine years ago today, at 2:15 pm, I had a 6lb 6 oz little girl. I can still remember the day so vividly. I’d gotten up early and for some reason wanted to cook. I didn’t want to eat. Just cook. So I cooked. I made lasagna, chicken potpies, and spaghetti. Enough to feed me and the DH for a week.

He was still working third shift and he came home, found the kitchen a mess and gives me this look…I don’t think I wanna know what you’re doing. Out of the blue, I told him that he probably needed to get some rest.

Less than an hour later, I woke him up and told him we needed to go. That was around 9 am. Six hours later, she was here.

Being a mother is unlike anything I expected. It’s hard work, but it’s fun. It’s heartbreaking, but it also soothes. It makes me want to rip my hair out (or theirs), or laugh until my sides hurt. It makes me think harder than I’ve ever thought before but it also comes so naturally, it feels like I’ve been doing it all my life. Plain and simple, I love it.

Happy Birthday, Bratlet.

March 1 is also the start of Round 3, 70 Days of Sweat. I’ve got a novella to finish, a novella to write and a full length book titled Chains that’s due to my editor this summer. I’d like to get it done by the time Sven wraps ups, edits and all so I can have some downtime before starting the next book.

I’m looking at 120k over the next 70 days. If I write 1800 words every day, I can do it. But I don’t write on weekends. I’m setting a goal of 5k a day to make up for the weekends and the occasional weird day when something keeps me from writing much of anything. With Sven standing over my shoulder, yelling and threatening to whip me into shape, I think I can manage that.

But I’m going to have to learn to say No. I’m going to have to focus, stop procrastinating and just write.

If you’re doing Sven too, then you probably understand all of that. Good luck!

Buckling down

So on March 1, the next round of 70 Days of Sweat starts.

The past two rounds have really done me a lot of good. For some reason, when I know I’ve gotta speak and say Hey, I got this much done…or worse…Uh, I didn’t get much done at all, it helps me to focus.

I’ve also got RT coming up in April, so I’m planning on making some serious headway on my deadlines. The projects I’ve got worked out for this round are

  • Chains (single author erotic romance antho for Berkley)-it’s at 20k. Needs to 90k. But will probably be longer.
  • VV (working title, paranormal romance for EC) goal word count 30k.
  • untitled paranormal for Samhain goal word count 30k

So I got plenty to keep me busy. I’m not going into hiding on the blog, but if I’m not posting as much, or if I’m not out in blogland as much, it’s just because I need to get this stuff done.

We’re talking a possible trip to Alaska for our family vacation this summer and I think I’ll enjoy myself more if I get these out of the way. 😉

Ready for Round 3?


Just an FYI, due to computer issues, I lost the list of my newsletter subscribers. If you were on it and would like to continue to receive it, please send me another email… shilohnews@insightbb.com

And onto today’s post…

PhotobucketSven is coming back to blogland on March 1.

If you’re a writer and you’ve done 70 Days before, it’s time again. Haven’t tried it? Now is as good a time as any to give it shot. Not a writer but always wanted to try? Now is as good a time… 😉

You can read about the challenge here and sign up here.

Are you game?