So I saw the link to this

It’s a review of Laura Vivanco’s book.  I see Laura online. I know she’s wicked smart.  That’s about all I know.  But she wrote a book…about romances, awesome, right?

And this woman reviewed it and decided readers are the problem.

But clearly there is a vast and satisfied readership out there who want to read novels written like this: they choose to buy these books, and that’s the problem.

Hey.  Cool.  I like being a problem.

So, I bought two books.

I bought…

maisey sarah


Chosen specifically since Doc Macdonald was really ragging on categories and I don’t think I can buy M&Bs here in the states.  So I shared my love (and was a problem) with HQN instead.

I urge you today to be a problem.  And if HQN or Mills and Boon isn’t your speed, you can always buy me.  I’m totally for sale. 😉