Passing on the love…

Recently two of my children has discovered the love of two books that I love madly.

Baby bratlet discovered this one…


And Bratlet read this one…(devoured it more like it)


Monster, of course, keeps reading the same things…over and over…normally game guides…and this.


Now if only I can find something that’s like Harry Potter… just harder. Cuz as awesome as Harry is, eventually he needs to try other things…



  1. twimom227 (Jen) says:

    Patty: I was going to suggest that as well. My son just picked up the Gregor the Overlander series (Suzanne Collins) at the recommendation of the children’s librarian. He also liked the Dragon’s Heir Chronicles Cinda Williams Chima (he’s read the first 2). What about The Chronicles of Narnia or the Wizard of Oz series?

  2. HM says:

    How about the Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. I loved them when I was a kid and bought the entire series as an adult and love them now, speaking as a girl that was completely into sf and romance novels as a kid.

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