Holiday Gifts in a Hurry…


I spent yesterday doing gift type things, mostly for the non-family people in my life.

Need some quickie ideas?

Chocolate is sometimes hit or miss.  If you’re a writer and looking to send chocolate or something to the editors/agents in your life, well, I know they get a lot of it.  Fortunately, I live in an area where there is a lot of…unique chocolate. BOURBON chocolates…and nobody does bourbon like Kentucky…




Another gift that shouldn’t be overlooked…the plain and simple necessities. I don’t know a writer or editor that isn’t always scrounging for a piece of paper. (I actually got this idea from PBW’s blog a few years ago… and it was a great one…)

Viola…personalized notecards. I’ve even used this gift (the chocolates too) to send out to an editor. She loved it. I also used the chocolates (different editor). Actually, both gifts went over really well. Hmmm. Anyway.



Really, if you’re here, you’ve got to love books. Hopefully, that means the people around you love books. And if not… they SHOULD! Make them! FORCE THEM!…BUY THEM THIS!



Not sold on any of these?  Or want to give something that’s just different?  Kiva… the micro-loan thing where you can give a $25 gift card and the recipient selects somebody to receive a micro-loan. And those micro-loans change lives.

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